Freya’s Story

I was waiting to be served at a bar. A guy came up and stood really close to me, acting creepy, and said “oh mmm damn you are so sexy, I’ll buy you a drink and you can come dance with me gorgeous”

I ignored him and carried on looking forward, not in the mood to even reply. He waved his hand right in front of my face saying “hey don’t be so rude, why are you ignoring me I offered to buy you a fucking drink”.

I said “I don’t want you to buy me a drink and I don’t want to talk to strangers, I’m just here with my friends”.

So then he said “well that’s fucking rude it’s just a drink. Don’t know why I even started talking to you in the first place, you’re ugly as pig shit” and leant over the bar to shout at the barman “don’t serve this bitch she’s rude as fuck”.

So you called me sexy and gorgeous until I didn’t want to talk to you then I became a bitch and ugly as pig shit. And I was the rude one?