Rita’s Story

I was walking home in broad daylight from the hairdressers at 5:30pm a few years ago and I heard someone behind me muttering something and the words sounded like terms for genitalia and what he was going to do. I turned around and a man turned his face to the side and stopped talking. As soon as I turned back away from him he continued to describe fairly loudly the details of what he wanted to do to me in graphic perverted detail. By this point I was not happy at all so I crossed the road to head towards a car garage that wasn’t too far away (on Priory Street). Luckily there were a group of girls who were getting out of a car and I went over to them. I looked back and he had crossed the road too but was now walking in the opposite direction back towards Micklegate. This made me certain that he knew he’d been doing something wrong, along with the tone of his voice which was very sinister (obviously I can’t be certain but it didn’t seem like he was mentally disabled.) I phoned the police at the time but they never got back to me.
I have recently seen this man again on a number of occasions between 4-6pm on Micklegate, Bridge Street, High Ousegate and Leeman Road.
He always wears a baseball cap, sometimes blue jeans sometimes black rain-proof trousers, brown walking shoes/trainers and a black hooded raincoat. All clothing is baggy as he’s very thin. Probably in his 40s, reddish, rugged face, pointy nose and blue eyes. Sometimes dark grey stubble. No hair visable. Police have been informed.
A friend has described a very similar experience too by what sounds like the same Man. If he gets his kicks saying these things to women other women must’ve experienced him too. I just hope he never carries out he things he says he is going to do. Makes me scared to leave the house around that time of the day which is not good. I have however just managed to get a couple of photos of him when I saw him whilst being a passenger in a car. Hopefully this will help the police catch him.