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October 19, 2015

Freya’s Story

I was waiting to be served at a bar. A guy came up and stood really close to me, acting creepy, and said "oh mmm damn you are so sexy, I'll buy you a drink and you can come dance with me gorgeous" I ignored him and carried on looking forward, not in the mood to even reply. He waved his hand right in front of my face saying "hey…
July 1, 2015

Rosie’s Story

I'm 17 years old and it sickens me that men older than my dad make comments and make me feel victimised almost everyday. It's got to the point now that I don't want to walk places alone because I expect to be addressed with a wolf-whistle from a disgusting pevert. There's currently a heat wave in the UK, so naturally I am going to wear slightly less clothing. Today on…
April 17, 2015

Rita’s Story

I was walking home in broad daylight from the hairdressers at 5:30pm a few years ago and I heard someone behind me muttering something and the words sounded like terms for genitalia and what he was going to do. I turned around and a man turned his face to the side and stopped talking. As soon as I turned back away from him he continued to describe fairly loudly the…


Volunteers Wanted!

We are searching for more people to volunteer with Hollaback! York, so if you can give any time at all to helping out with anything from managing social media, to giving workshops on street harassment, to artsy/creative projects, get in touch with us on: [email protected] Thanks! Hollaback! York